Since 2006 CREATIVE PRECISIONS is an organization with the mission to provide you the business owner with the services needed to easily outsource your work and save time and frustration. We offer a complete line of administrative, secretarial and business support services. Let us help you save time and build your business. GIVE US A CHANCE!!!
CREATIVE PRECISIONS offers non-profit organizations a practical, cost saving solution by providing back office support without the costly overhead associated with conventional employees. We can step in and support your agency with an extensive menu of services that can be customized to fit your organizational needs. Get rid of the expense of office space and equipment, employee benefits and vacation time.

CREATIVE PRECISIONS is an organization with the mission to build strong businesses thru helping them achieve dynamic office organization so that they can accomplish economic independence, create opportunities, and build a business community through entrepreneurship. The basic make up of our business is to assist owners and staff members in being able to find things no matter who is taking care of the office. Our mission is supported by hard working, dependable, innovative and reliable individuals having their work schedules to fit the needs of your company - day or night; we offer private or group meetings as well as seminars/workshops when big projects arise to give your company a review of the structure we use to tackle your project in our own unique way. We are here to help all business owners who need help becoming organized to make their offices flow smoothly.  The cornerstone of our business is making sure you have the right look for your company at a very affordable price.

CREATIVE PRECISIONS cares and have compassion about making businesses have prosperity and you can't prosper if you don't have an organized office. We have assisted a number businesses with their administrative model for business accuracy.  We have helped facilitate and instruct companies on creating a dynamic business organizational model for their company. These range from home-based, cottage industries, store fronts etc. We have helped companies such as jewelry-making business; retail ventures, attorney practices, in home care agencies, temporary agencies and private doctor's offices etc. Creative Precision's programs and services are divided into categories: business development, front office, customer service, organization, administrative support. CREATIVE PRECISIONS is here to help owners and staff with the organization of their office(s). Our duties include but are definitely not limited to organizational tasks, support services, human resources, staffing services, managing financial records ( bookkeeping), AP/AR, routine clerical, filing, drafting documents, support staff, virtual receptionist, typing term papers, typing book drafts, scheduling appointments, mail correspondence, creating and maintaining databases

All your needs are exclusively for you with pleasure. We offer the Best for Less!

We are here to help no matter where you are in the city.  We do not discriminate and we serve an ethnically and gender-diverse clientele.